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Montgomery Espresso

Montgomery Espresso

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The house coffee that started it all!

A classic light/medium roast single origin coffee from Colombia. Amazingly flexible, easy to brew well and of course, delicious. We had big plans to change our house coffee regularly, but you guys loved 'Monty' so much we wouldn't dare remove it.

A sweet coffee with red fruit charm and balanced acidity is good as an espresso, or in your cafetiere. Probably your new favourite coffee.

Origin: Colombia - El Muro, Buesaco 2100masl
Process & Varietal: Washed Caturra
Tasting Notes: Berries, Treacle, Balanced
Brewing Advice: Super flexible. Great black or with milk.

Our shop recipe on espresso is 18g dry coffee - 38g yield in 22-24 seconds (High extraction baskets, so added 4/5 seconds to that time on normal baskets). For cafetiere brewing we recommend 65g ground coffee per 1L of filtered water, brewed for 8 minutes.

If you're unsure on which coffee to try, make this your first!

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