About Us

Speciality Coffee in the heart of Poet's Corner, Hove

We opened in 2018 bringing Melbourne style community coffee to Poet's Corner in Hove.

We work with our favourite local suppliers to bring you all the best stuff. Yummy pastries, homemade cakes, interesting soft drinks and of course exceptional coffee.

  • Great beans

    Speciality Coffee means a focus on raising standards at every stage of the supply chain. From picking, to processing, to roasting and finally brewing - we only work the best coffee we can get our hands on.

  • Great staff

    All team at 44 have a load of experience in coffee and know what makes a great cafe is personalble service and a friendly demeanour - so that's something we really value. We hope to learn all our regular customers names and orders!

  • Great equipment

    We only want to use the best equipment we can buy. This helps coffee taste its best through consistent extraction. We're lucky to grind our beans on Mahlkonig 'Grind by weight' grinders, and we brew espresso on our VA Black Eagle Maverick.

  • Quality Assurance

    It's overlooked how important it is to have procedures and framework within espresso preparation, and to define tolerances that help us produce consistency. Working to strict quality parameters ensures top quality.

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